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X-on Cloud Telecoms
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X-on Cloud Telecoms and Hosted Telephony

X-on provide the infrastructure backbone behind many of the service providers supporting corporate activity within the Financial and Payment Service Sectors, Health, Wholesale, Logistics and many other areas of the Corporate Sector.

With headquarters in the UK and offices in Australia, X-on has been delivering cost savings through Cloud based telephony services to clients throughout the globe since 2000. Resilience is at the core of X-on's services with our Network utilising a three site shared-nothing architecture, switching several million SMS and several million call minutes each month.

Cloud Telecoms

Cloud Telecoms is about saving money and resources by reducing complexity. The compelling argument for moving from systems to off-site services works for organizations with 3 or 30,000 employees, and in one location or spread across the globe.

X-on has a consultative sales team and in-house development resource ensuring small or large projects are delivered on time and within budgets.

Call our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000 to find out how your organization can slash costs and improve resilience by moving phone services to the cloud and how it has worked for others.