Phonebar Overview

The Phonebar integrates directly with your clinical system so you can make and receive internal and external calls and video calls, send ad hoc and template SMS and request photos through the Active Patient.

Clinicians can also access their Appointments within the Phonebar to seamlessly switch between patient records to call, send SMS, request photo or video call.

Active Patient

Active Patient offers you single-click communication options with the patient you have open in your clinical system. Users can choose the communication type, select from the numbers stored in the patient record or free type an alternative number.


You can send an SMS to a patient using templates, NHS conditions or bespoke SMS and file them onto their clinical record, all direct from the Phonebar. The app also allows bulk SMS of all patients with a heads-up or cancellation message.

Photo Request

The Photo Request feature allows clinicians/GPs’ to send photo requests to patients, via the Active Patient or through the Appointments list.

Photos can be received by the sender or sent to another clinician/GP. When the photo is received there will be an on-screen notification.

Appointment Management

The Appointments feature allows clinicians/GPs’ to view their appointments and make calls, video calls, send SMS messages and photo requests directly from the appointments list.

Users can switch seamlessly between records and even SMS/message all patients within an appointment list, which can be used as a reminder that patients will shortly be contacted.

Staff Collaboration

Users can call one another, call groups and call externally directly from an onscreen directory. The screens also show which users are available and/or busy.

All calls to known numbers can be made from a single click on the screen, no more manual dialling or the potential for incorrect dials.

Ultimate flexibility

Surgery Connect is an entirely user-based system so each staff member, regardless of their role, is a user on the system. A User’s internal (short dial) number follows them wherever they log in, so you are always targeting the person, not the phone, this enables hot desking and working remotely

Users can be individuals and members of a group or groups. They can be contacted internally and can be allocated direct lines for direct external calls if required.

Auto Step In can be used to ensure that at busy times more users are automatically targeted with inbound calls to assist with bringing queues down. Users can step in and out of groups to handle calls at busy times.

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