Communication is key when working within a medical practice, it is important that people are able to speak directly with patients, doctors and other staff members. Information can be vital and needs to be shared with very little to no mistakes. With the help of a modern telephone system, such as Surgery Connect, information can be dealt with carefully and responsibly.

Professional telephone systems have been around for many years and most medical practices and businesses have some form of telecoms to assist with instant communication between patients and surgery staff. Telecoms plays an important role in communications – that is why it is vital that you carefully select a provider which can fully support your needs and requirements.

Why choose Switch Medical?

X-on Health have over 20 years’ experience of providing leading edge communications solutions to medical practices, across the UK. We have helped surgeries improve efficiency with industry leading technology and tailored features that enhance the service offered to patients.

With the help of X-on Health, your practice will be able to work and communicate more effectively and use its telecoms to your advantage. Gone of the days where telecoms would only be used to answer and make telephone calls – where the more calls you make the higher the phone bill would be at the end of each month. With modern, hosted-telephony, medical practices are able to make telephone calls at a reduced cost or even sometimes free calls!

Now is a better time than ever to evaluate your current telecommunications with ISDN services being switched off, surgeries using these services will need to seek an alternative set up.

Within the next few years, the digital network will be updated, and surgeries will be unable to purchase or renew contracts for these services, and by the year 2025 the entire digital network will be switched off. Therefore, if your surgery is still using ISDN, it will need to be upgraded before this happens.

But do not worry, as there is still plenty of time to review your current set up and discuss your upgrade options.

Contact us today to book a free demonstration of our hosted telephones, and take the first steps to supplying your medical practice with an excellent communication solution. Feel free to give our team a call on 0333 332 0000 or email