Why Modern Telephony for Primary Care?

The telephone remains the leading way patients contact their general practice.

Providing access to services and the continued demand for appointments puts pressure on often overloaded and outdated phone lines.

By moving communications to the Cloud, practices can significantly improve patient-to-practice communications while accessing the administrative control and features needed to improve practice performance.

Our Solution

Our award-winning Cloud-based phone system, Surgery Connect, is deployed in over 2,400 GP practices across England and Wales, serving an estimated 10 million patients.

Surgery Connect is a hosted phone system supporting IT transformation within the NHS by delivering quality, safety and efficiency to staff and patients.

Providing healthcare professionals with full patient consultation history, including call and video recordings linked to the patient record, ensures staff and patient safety. Empowering patients by allowing them to manage their own appointments, while reducing the burden on staff via notifications to at risk groups, improves administrative efficiency and allows staff to focus on patient interaction.

Contact centre features, including intelligent call queueing and routing, highly secure call recording automatically attached to patient records, confirm and remind systems to reduce DNAs, telephone triage and extensive reporting.

Surgery Connect clinical system integration measurably reduces overall costs by minimising time spent on administrative tasks and calls, while improving data quality and compliance.

Features of VOIP for Healthcare

Call Recording

Call recording helps protect the integrity of staff and patients. Recordings can play a major part in providing clarity of information to help resolve disputes and encourage mutual respect.

Call Reporting

Report on call traffic to maintain the highest level of service, improve answer times and manage call routing to minimise queue times and reduced abandoned calls.

Call Management

How practices manage inbound call traffic is essential if they are to provide the highest level of patient care, reduce call queuing times and eliminate missed calls.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows users to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analogue) phone line.


Linking clinical systems to telephony helps identify patients calling in as well as quick and efficient omni-channel communications.

Omni- channel

Various communication methods such as SMS, video calls, photo requests and voice calls either on a physical device or PC based softphone.


See colleagues’ availability and clear indications of live and historic call traffic across the practice.


Contact directories provide one central place to store a practice wide contact list reducing the complexity of updating.


Allows users to work from any practice or home. Plus real time configuration changes via online management tools.

GP Advanced Telephony

GP Advanced Telephony systems will support flexible, responsive and integrated services for patients, giving them more control over their own healthcare.

Transform your Communications with Surgery Connect