X-on Contact Centre service provides an effective replacement system for the Cisco Unified Contact Centre, along with significant cost savings on both Cisco and ISDN connectivity.

Calls can be routed over existing IP Clear fibre circuits with backup over DSL circuits supplied by X-on.

  • Effective Cisco Replacement
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Use your Cisco Handsets
  • Powerful Call Management

Use Existing Infrastructure

Existing call centre infrastructure, including your Cisco IP phones, can be integrated into the PhonePresence offering. Any number of locations and staff can be accommodated into a highly efficient distributed Call Centre delivering intelligent call routing and call management, network-to-desktop computer telephony integration, and multi-channel automated call distribution over Tier 1 VoIP routes, providing your company with a complete Unified Communications solution.

A variety of options are available, dependant on your existing setup and the required level of cost reduction. Configuring PhonePresence to take over call handling from your Cisco system can require very little change for the customer, but the switch will provide significant cost savings. Changes can be made with no affect to existing services.


X-on Contact Centre incorporates an event based browser application for display on a wallboard, providing accurate real-time statistical reporting.

Resilient Backup

X-on Contact Centre has the added advantage of providing backup solutions, again dependant on the option chosen. From being able to switch back to existing call handling procedures in the highly unlikely event of any failure, through to the supply of separate backup DSL circuits. Backup circuits are provisioned as a separate account on each handset, so a manual test is possible at any time.

X-on PSTN Connectivity

X-on has dual connectivity to the BT core network through fibre connections in London Wandsworth and Framlingham Suffolk. Calls routed to customer numbers would be distributed between these points of presence within the core BT PSTN.

X-on Internet and IP Connectivity

X-on has resilient Internet connections at London Wandsworth and London Telehouse North with a National Ethernet wide area MPLS network from Virgin. X-on’s IP ranges are announced through BGP routing.

Call Centre Features

X-on Contact Centre incorporates an extensive array of features, with more inherent flexibility than is available in other systems. Development is ongoing assuring clients that the service provides up-to-date Call Centre technology with new innovations in technology being quickly evaluated at X-on and incorporated as is appropriate.

A list of features can be found at here.


  • Inbound and outbound Call Recording
  • Ongoing monitoring with efficient deployment of Call Center resources
  • Significant cost savings on both Cisco and ISDN connectivity
  • Immediate access to customer profiles with On-screen Popup
  • Efficient use of resources with calls routed according to real-time conditions such as agent availability and skill set

For further information on Cisco Replacement please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.