The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) replaces N3 as the new data network for health and care organisations. The HSCN enables health and social care services to access and share information more efficiently.

VoIP Services

X-on cloud telecoms services utilise high grade secure VoIP networks for data transmission, which can operate alongside the HSCN, but the NHS does not require that data be transmitted over the HSCN.

NHS Standards

This article states the NHS position on VoIP requirements: “There are no specific NHS standards for voice and IP telephony services. If an organisation procures a hosted VoIP solution, the rules around security, handling and storing of data and the correct IG controls, such as off-shoring, should be considered when planning and negotiating service requirements with suppliers.”

X-on Standards

X-on complies with NHS information governance protocols, securely storing encrypted patient data, call recordings and messages:

  • Data access is restricted to authorised users with strong password controls.
  • All data is permanently deleted in line with data retention strategies, and is securely held in UK data centres managed by X-on.
  • X-on maintains accreditations with:
    • ISO 9001 (Quality Management of Systems requirements)
    • ISO 27001 (information security standards)
    • ICO (Data Protection Act compliance)
    • DSP Toolkit (NHS data security standards)
    • Being a Crown Commercial Service Supplier