In addition to many exciting features, your successful Cloud Contact Centre deployment will be greatly enhanced by our Professional Services. Whether it is a greenfield site, an upgrade from a struggling phone system, or replacement of legacy call centre technology, X-on has a strong and experienced team who will ensure the migration to the cloud is smooth.

BusinessYour Account Manager will want to understand your business and call centre needs before preparing a proposal. If necessary, we can bring in additional resources to ensure that the proposition is right for you. Or for smaller and standard call centres, the standard product off the page may fit your needs.
NetworkFor VoIP call centres, if calls are sharing a data network and Internet connection, we will need to ensure that bandwidth, latency and contention fit the requirements for quality of service. We will need to check router and firewall settings. As an alternative we can arrange dedicated voice IP connectivity.
BackupBackup and risk strategies will depend on budget. Calls can switch to backup IP connections, landlines or mobiles if the main connection fails. We can supply desk based 3G/4G handsets that switch into backup operation automatically.
HardwareWe can supply headsets, handsets, routers and switches as needed or evaluate your own equipment for compatibility.
IntegrationPhonePresence has a published API to enable integration with most third party premise or cloud based CRM and data management systems. We have off-the-shelf integrations for some packages or our integration team will assist with new challenges.
Call FlowsWe can work with you to draw up the required call flows for your call centre which will be documented as part of a proposal and delivery. Alternatively, we can work from your own documentation. Call flows are rarely set in stone and PhonePresence flexibility means there is always scope for tuning.
RecordingsCall recordings or prompts can be recorded in house by X-on as part of the provisioning process. You can also choose to record them yourselves via the Configuration Console, or select from our professional voice artists to create them from scripts.
User InterfacesThe options that your agents and supervisors are presented with, and the information displayed on wallboards, can be determined during the specification process and pre-configured.
Project Management
Project PlanningFor larger installations, we always prepare a detailed project plan from design to commissioning and sign-off. For smaller installations, or where we are not switching traffic from an existing system, a more lightweight plan usually suffices.
Project ManagementX-on can work with your own project team or assign a dedicated Prince-2 accredited Project Manager.
For some types of large installations, particularly where multiple locations are involved, we can arrange a small pilot installation where we deliver calls to a handful of agents. This will allow you to prove the concept of a Cloud Call Centre and test call flows to smooth the eventual go-live.
We can provide and share test plans as part of the delivery process. Because a Cloud system can usually be deployed in parallel with existing infrastructure, in house testing can be relatively non-intrusive.
X-on can provide training on PhonePresence to Agents, Supervisors and Administrators directly, or through a ‘train the trainer’ approach where there is sufficient in-house resource.
Support ProcessesOur UK Support Centre provides 24/7 support (according to SLA) by phone and email with fast track technical and management escalation paths.
SnaggingWith the best of planning, there may be small items to resolve or expectation gaps after go-live. Our sales and deployment teams will not abandon you at this stage. We will work through any outstanding issues and follow up to ensure satisfaction.