X-on provides a full range of training resources, both during and after onboarding, and using in-house dedicated, UK based training and support staff.

Live support is supplemented by online textual and video based training material.


Training takes place shortly before go-live and falls into 2 categories – Administrator and Standard User. During the week prior to training we arrange a dry run of the video conference and screen sharing platform to avoid any technical issues at the start of the proper training session. We also share a document briefly outlining the topics that the training will cover.

Attendee numbers on the training sessions are not limited, but for larger organisations we encourage the customer to include only those staff that are in a position to pass on training to those that are not present (‘train the trainer’).

Training for all users consists of:

  • A brief introduction to company and product
  • Information on the service login process
  • How to use the User Console web portal
  • Making, taking and transferring video calls
  • Contacting our Support team
  • Where to find user guides and tutorial videos

Training for Administrators will also include:

  • Call traffic visibility and management
  • Staff management including adding and removing Users
  • Service management
  • Data analytics and reporting

Training courses are designed around a prepared presentation framework. This framework can be modified to suit the needs of the customer prior to commencing training or in response to feedback from sessions.

Non-product Specific Framework Example

Supporting Documentation

We supply a digital Quick Start Guide aimed at each of the two categories of staff that summarises training and includes links to web portals and tutorial videos. The Help Centre also allows the users to download full user guides if required.

X-on runs a fortnightly webinar on various topics which are free to join by any of our customers and our UK based Support team can be contacted to assist further.


X-on provides a dedicated UK based support team. This will provide:

  • Fault tracing and incident based support in alignment with contractually agreed Service Level Agreements.
  • Additional User Level support including assistance with operation of features, location of supporting documentation or signposting to other X-on resources.

Support is provided by telephone and through an online ticketing system that enables all permitted users to register tickets and view progress and resolution of existing tickets.

An internal escalation process allows tickets to be escalated to Second Line (deep investigation) and Third Line (Development team) technical resources, all of which are X-on employees.

An external escalation process allows customers to raise escalations where tickets have not met expectations in terms of response times or quality.

X-on runs a customer feedback service on all tickets to continually measure and improve the quality of support.

Managing Expectations

There are a variety of external and internal factors that can affect the service being supplied. The training process also helps customers and users understand the implications of those factors.

Video ConsultationExample

It is important to understand when considering support on a product such as Video Consultation (and any similar video products relying on the same underlying webrtc technology) that the success of video communication relies heavily on the following:

  • The client device that is being used – older devices may have limited or no video capability.
  • The Operating System and Browser being used on the device. If a patient chooses not to update with releases of operating system, they may become fixed on an unsupported version.
  • The quality of bandwidth available to the device, Wifi or 3G/4G/5G. Even apparently high speed connections can suffer poor latency leading to images that ‘freeze’ occasionally. X-on deploys industry standard techniques to compress video and measure availability but quality can and does vary over time.
  • The willingness of the patient to click on links in Emails and SMS to continue the process.
  • The willingness of the patient to Allow Access to camera, microphone and location information. Despite being informed verbally and via text that access is required, some patients still decide not to allow access.

For further information on X-on Training please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.