VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is allowing users to enjoy low cost untimed connection with their phone calls via broadband.

VoIP technology converts analog audio signals into packets of digital data which are transmitted via the Internet and subsequently reassembled and converted back to sound at the receiving end.

Consequently, using some of the available free VoIP software, an Internet connection, preferably Broadband, can be used to place free phone calls, bypassing the phone company entirely.

Basic infrastructure components:

  • VoIP Phone, Gateway or Computer:
    Having an IP address, a VoIP device can send and receive digital data packets.
  • VoIP Call Manager or Call Controller:
    Stores the location of every IP device on the Network. Call requests are forwarded to the Call Manager which links to the recipient, dropping out of the packet flow when the call has been accepted. This allows the call to connect using the quickest path.
  • VoIP Network:
    Prioritize voice packets through bottlenecks to avoid packet loss and the resulting fragmented sound.

VoIP Service Options

VoIP Phones
VoIP Phones resemble standard phones, but use an Ethernet connector instead of the usual phone connectors to connect directly to a router. VoIP telephones have the necessary hardware and software installed.

Analog Telephone Adaptor
An Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) allows VoIP use via a standard phone by converting the analogue signal to digital. To make VoIP calls, plug the cable which usually goes to the wall socket into the ATA instead. The ATA is then plugged into a computer or Internet connection.

Computer Connection
A microphone and speakers, a soundcard and software, plus an Internet connection, preferably high speed broadband, allow VoIP calls using a PC. The only costs usually associated with PC VoIP calls are the ISP charges.

X-on VoIP

X-on VoIP offers voicemail, messaging, virtual switchboard/centrex, non-geographic phone numbers and online administration, delivering these services at a level expected from a company supplying the upper echelons of the UK retail and service sectors.

VoIP Requirements

VoIP can suffer from quality issues due to a variety of network based reasons. In order that X-on provide the highest quality VoIP available some requirements need to be met.


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