With a Cloud Phone system you can use any phone, anywhere. You don’t have to buy a fixed sized phone system that has to be scaled up when you get more staff or has more lines or extensions than you need.

  • Pay for what you use
  • Increase Reliability
  • Designed for flexible working

Call costs are lower and you don’t need separate phone lines and broadband, so the total cost of ownership is much lower.

As you grow, you only have to pay licenses for the staff you have – and if you have to cut back, your phone system can cut back with you.

A Cloud Phone system has its own built in backup – if your broadband goes down, calls can be sent via a different connection, to a different site or just to your mobile. Your callers won’t even know.

Three Ways to Go

Phone SystemsCost

Purchase: Phone System
Rental: Phone Lines, Phone System Maintenance
Call Costs: Typically higher

Purchase: Phone System
Rental: Shared or dedicated broadband, Phone System Maintenance, SIP Trunks
Call Costs: Lower

Purchase: None
Rental: Shared or dedicated broadband, User rental
Call Costs: Mostly included

Feature Rich and Feature Scalable

You don’t have to pay extra for features on a Cloud Phone system. They will be included in the rental and as new features are released, you’ll get them at no extra charge.

To move your Communications to the PhonePresence Cloud please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.