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The headline price, for example '5p per minute' is just the start of the evaluation process when considering telecoms suppliers, particularly when considering a move to the flexibility of a Cloud Phone System.

Pricing should not be the only consideration, quality of calls is even more important - no point in using a supplier who has cut costs by using low quality VoIP, Mobile and International routes. Calls dropping out will not impress customers and enquirers.

A long history in the industry, and high call volumes have enabled X-on to ensure that the PhonePresence system combines the highest quality calls at the most competitive pricing structure currently offered in this market.

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We've included the most important pricing considerations below:

  What It Means PhonePresence
Headline Price Used to draw you in. Is it a loss leader, with most calls costing you more? Our packages show clearly which calls are included.
VAT Included Pricing is usually displayed ex-VAT, but you should check. Our package prices are displayed ex-VAT.
Call Set-up Charges This is charged in addition to the ongoing per second, or per minute charges. We do not add call set-up charges. Charges against your package are call minutes only.
Minimum Charges There is usually a minimum call charge of around 1p, which covers incurred costs. PhonePresence absorbs the minimum call charge. Charges against your package are call minutes only.
Minimum Call Duration Calls are charged on a per minute basis, so the least you'll be charged is for 1 minute. This can hugely inflate the cost of your calls. PhonePresence charges on a per second basis, so no 1 minute minimum (in effect).
Capped Call Charges A higher rate is seemingly offset with a cap, e.g. 'Mobile calls only 10p per minute capped at 30p for up to an hour'. Most business calls average 90 seconds, so call centres, for example, lose out. PhonePresence charges against your package are call minutes only, i.e. how many minutes your users are on the phone.
Pricing per Second Some providers still round up to the nearest minute, or charge in 5p increments. Your call minutes are calculated on a per second basis only.
Unlimited Calling Plans

In reality, a marketing phrase. There will always be provisos that limit usage.

We offer call minutes packages, and where the package also includes unlimited calls to some destinations, it is subject to our Fair Usage Policy.
Call Packages Calls are bundled in incremental call minute packages. The month's call minutes are usually not rolled over into the next month. Your purchased call minutess are shared amongst all your users, maximising package value. Extra bundles are available.
Minimum Payments Some providers utilise a minimum annual or monthly payment scheme. There is no minimum annual payment with PhonePresence. Packages are charged monthly.
Minimum Call Volumes Some providers utilise a minimum monthly call volume scheme. There is no minimum monthly call volume with PhonePresence. Packages are charged monthly.
International Calls International Calls are usually not included and are often charged at very high rates. PhonePresence includes calls to 40 International destinations.
Contract Term Contractual commitment can vary from 12 months to 5 years. PhonePresence is charged monthly on a 12 month contract (except PhonePresence Lite).
Call Quality Contractual commitment can vary from 12 months to 5 years. We use market leading E1 carriers, and the highest quality call routes, connected into our own high capacity and reliable Network. Automatic failover systems ensure call continuity.


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Welsh Ambulance

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