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HTTP to Voice

Connect to the X-on Cloud

HTTP to Voice utilises a special Application Program Interface (API) which connects to X-on’s Cloud telecoms service. It will allow X-on’s network to receive a HTTP request with text and a destination phone number, make the call, record the key presses from the respondent, and return these in a response HTTP message.

HTTP to Voice provides another useful method of integration with our Alert-3 service, allowing control from within your own systems.


The API runs over standard, secure https web transport between X-on servers and client servers. The data protocol supports either the HTTP GET or POST request types. All web requests are only accepted over https secure URLs as standard. Command and Query interfaces require an allocated Client ID and secret to be submitted with each request for validation against your X-on account, ensuring only authorised accounts can use the services.

The API consists of a command message and a response message. The API will use HTTP Status Codes to indicate whether it is successful.

Please call Sales on 0333 332 0000 to find out how HTTP to Voice can benefit your organisation's communications.


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