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Voice Noticeboard

Easy Update Information Line

Voice Noticeboard is the ideal messaging service for Schools, Police, Fire and Ambulance Services, Government Bodies and UK Business.

The Phone-in 'Noticeboard' messaging service allows administration to leave messages for staff, customers, media and the public. It is useful for Press Releases, Public Announcements, Product Updates, Security Information and Staff Notification.

Cost Savings while Keeping Everyone Informed

As it negates the need for printed or photocopied material to be issued, Voice Noticeboard can provide considerable savings for any organization. Use of paper and other materials is avoided, helping the environment, and significantly less staff time is wasted in keeping interested parties well informed and up-to-date.

Simplicity of use and the ability to integrate the service with other options such as SMS or email alert notification mean staff time expended in communicating changes to relevant people is kept to a minimum.

In Practice

We supply voice messaging services to more than 60% of UK Police Forces, along with Fire Brigades, Schools, the NHS, Councils and other Utilities and UK Business.

Easy to Setup and Use

Once setup for you, maintenance and updating of the Voice Noticeboard service is easy and messages can be recorded remotely via any touch tone phone by anyone having the passcode.

Callers can then phone in and listen to posted messages usually latest first, but with the option to jump back and forth. Older recordings can be archived with the caller able to listen after hearing the most recent recordings.

Additional options such as SMS notification of updates can be conveniently accessed via web administration.

High Capacity Hosted Service

The service is provided at a low monthly cost negating the need for any in-house hardware and maintenance.

X-on has high capacity systems able to handle large numbers of callers simultaneously with resilience via full scale backup. A range of real time and emailed reports are available on system usage. Switchboard congestion can be reduced during busy times as press enquiries, for example, can be diverted to your Voice Noticeboard.

If you wish to find out how Voice Noticeboard can maximise your customer and public contact speak to one of our Sales Team on 0333 332 0000.


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Avon Fire and Rescue

"The service allows us to quickly and efficiently relay the details of incidents and other topics to the media without having to phone them individually…"