Surgery Connect supports efficient call handling across multiple or single practices with features built around the needs of general practice

Call Handling & Recording

Efficient Call Management

Surgery Connect supports highly efficient call management across multiple or single practices with features that are built around the needs of general practice:

  • Contact centre technology and call handling supports call management across GP hubs, federations and CCGs, enabling patients to access healthcare services through a single phone number or surgery-specific numbers, and supporting extended access provision.
  • Auto Step In allows calls to be transferred automatically, when predefined demand parameters are reached.
  • Call routing can distribute calls across multiple sites and groups, and be linked to the needs of specific patients, for example providing the latest clinic times for patient cohorts.
  • Telephone triage is supported, enabling efficient forms of consultation.
  • Call and video consultation recordings and history are linked to individual patient records.
  • Single click dialling of patients from clinical records saves time and avoids errors.
  • Patient Callback allows patients to be automatically called back, rather than have to wait in a queue.
  • Automated voice reminders can be set up, helping in times of high demand.
  • Calendar events can be added to control hours and days of operation, and automatically signpost callers to alternative numbers.
  • Surgery Connect is resilient: mobile phone back up means that calls can be routed to mobiles, in case phone lines lose connectivity.
  • Administrators can listen in to calls, helping support staff in training.
  • Inbound and outbound video calls are supported, and we are working on the use of AI to help process calls.
Our patients don’t have to keep ringing and listening to the engaged tone. We can also pass on important messages whilst the patient is being put through to us.
Angela Thomas, Assistant Practice Manager, Colne Valley Group Practice

Call Recording

Used in staff training and review of patient conversations.

Call Queueing

Manages the queue so you don't need more lines or equipment.