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The Surgery Connect Business Continuity Guide is part of our ongoing commitment to continued service in the wake of a local or national incident

News: Aug 2019

Business Continuity

Business Continuity
Guide PDF

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you continued service in the wake of a local or national incident, we will be sending all of our customers a Business Continuity Guide in September.

If you are concerned you have not received yours or you would like more copies please let us know.

The guide provides a clear process flow for you to follow should you experience issues. It gives you the steps to take and your actions depending on the outcome of those steps.

Test & Maintain

The guide also describes proactive measures that can be taken to test your Business Continuity process, giving you and your staff the power to familiarise yourselves with what to do in the case of an incident.

You will be guided on:

Test & Maintain
  • Maintaining and testing the backup mobiles that are supplied with the Reception Extensions
  • Simulating a local fault on a phone by phone basis ensuring that if any of the Reception phones are affected, the back up mobile will perform as expected
  • Simulating a major fault where all phones will be affected
  • Log your tests and any relevant comments on the Support Portal giving you a full audit of your Business Continuity testing
  • Configure notifications to be sent when regular testing has not happened

Subscribing for Status Notifications

Finally you will be able to subscribe to receive notifications via SMS and/or email whenever we post an updated service status on our Support Portal ( ensuring you are always aware of the current situation.

As always our Support team are on hand to assist you with any of the above once details have been released to you.

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