To maintain Ofcom compliance and provide the best softphone service and security, users must accept the license agreement

License Agreement

Surgery Connect Softphone

In order to ensure that we maintain Ofcom compliance and that we are able to provide the best quality of service and security from the softphone, we need to ensure all users of the Surgery Connect Softphone have accepted a license agreement. Since the softphone was introduced for most customers after Surgery Connect was delivered, these terms are additional to your Surgery Connect agreement and only relate to use of the softphone.


View the Softphone Agreement.

If the Service Administrator accepts the agreement, each individual user will not have to do so, although they will be asked to confirm their email address (one time only) in order to use the Softphone.

If the Service Administrator does not accept the terms of the agreement, service will continue unchanged but users will not be able to use the softphone.

If the Service Administrator neither accepts or rejects the agreement by 1st August, each user will be prompted to choose whether or not to accept the agreement before proceeding with the softphone.

Please note that for security reasons, the softphone will only be available to users identified by an email address. Please ensure that all users who wish to use the softphone log on using their NHS email address. This will be enforced by 1st August but for continuity of service, please could you check this before then. Our Service Desk will be happy to assist with any queries or changes to User Logons.