Does your telecommunication run on ISDN? If so, are you aware that the ISDN network will be terminated from the year 2025 – meaning users will have to seek alternative telecoms solutions.

Firstly, there is no need to panic, as there are solutions out there which will not just replace your ISDN set up but improve your all-round communications.

Practices using ISDN and other affected services need to be aware of key dates. Dates such as 2020, this was the beginning of the ISDN networks stages into phasing it out, following the announcement by Openreach in 2017.

Each exchange will be given a ‘Stop Sell’ which means that while existing services will continue to function, new contracts for ISDN services will no longer be and ‘withdrawal’ dates, which is the date when ISDN services will cease on that exchange.. There will generally be a gap of 18 months between stop sell and withdrawal so you will have plenty of time to plan.

Stop sell dates will vary across the country and you will be informed by your local BT services provider when a date is given for your area.

These will build up to 2025, when the ISDN network will be switched off permanently.

What solutions will replace ISDN?

Users of ISDN and other affected services need to be aware of when their local area is going to be upgraded and have a plan for their business. For most, the upgrade plan will be to either upgrade to SIP channels to run their existing phone system, or a better alternative would be to adopt a new IP based system.

The majority of businesses are taking this opportunity to embrace the benefits of hosted telephony and hybrid solutions, which offer a whole new level of flexibility better suited to the modern ways of working. Especially when it comes to your practice.

Making the switch to an IP system

VoIP telephony is one of the most modern telephony technologies to date, allowing you to make your phone calls over the Internet or Local and Wide Area Networks. This means your new communications set up can deliver a wide range of advantages for you and your practice.

Some of these benefits are listed below:

Lower Tariffs & Costs

One big important benefit of using an IP solution is that telephony communication which runs on IP has lower costs associated with it. Adopting a cloud-based system is an easy way your practice can cut down on call costs. Switching to a VoIP system will lower all of your phone bill costs – saving you money with every call.

Enhances Multitasking

Hosted telephony means you can hold your meetings with staff, GP’s or patients from any part of the world. VoIP is ideal for phone and video consultations, without the costs of an additional platform.

Clearer Voice Quality

Voice over IP calls offer next to no lag or call drop issues. Therefore, to receive the best of quality VoIP calls, the only thing you need is a robust and reliable internet connection.

Upgrading is Quick, Easy and Painless

Many think a hosted telephone upgrade will be hard. People tend to think the phones will be offline for a long period of time and they have to do all the transfers themselves.

However that is not the case, X-on Health have a team of experts who will deliver and install your system and train your staff, to make sure you get the best of your investment.

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