Call recording has come a long way over the years to help benefit medical practices and businesses. It’s not a new mode of technology by any means, but the benefits of call recording have become more effective for enhancing the quality and efficiency of surgeries.

The declining costs and the ease with which call recording can be implemented, into your daily operations, make this feature a must-have for any medical practice who wish to protect the integrity of their staff and patients.

Here are a few reasons why call recording is becoming ever more important for surgeries.

You are able to capture every important detail of a telephone conversation with a secure call recording solution that is easy to refer back to. When there is a high volume of inbound and outbound calls from your practice, it can be challenging at times to remember and note down all the relevant information when on a telephone call.

Calls are important to you and your patients, so when you hang up after a detailed conversation you may need to document the information. This information can be sensitive and needs to be correct when adding to medical reports. Recording calls ensures you are able to re-listen to previous conversations and won’t miss any detail.

Resolve any disputes

It’s not always smooth sailing when patients are calling in for support. In fact, many situations can arise where there’s a discrepancy even more so if a patient is stressed or in a panic. If someone is calling complaining that your surgery sent the wrong prescription or information, you can access patient archives to review what was actually said during the call. This provides a solution for identifying poor service (if the patient was right), and can also settle disputes where the patient is unjustly demanding requests.

Hosted telephony offers excellent call recording

Hosted telephony is full of surgeries favourite features which make managing your telephone calls easy. Hosted telephony is the ideal solution for any size medical practice to help reduce costs, expand their communications and help improve the patient experience.

Enhance the performance of your patient service

Call recording is a feature that allows a representative to commit their full attention to the caller while on the phone rather than trying to take notes mid-conversation. Patients will appreciate staff being attentive and responsive to what they’re saying, without the need to repeat themselves.

The level of service is automatically enhanced when your phone representatives have the ability to replay the conversation and write down notes after the call.

Provide an excellent training tool for new and existing employees

Hands-on training is a top choice for accelerating the learning curve. Recording calls your new employees are handling is the perfect way to go over what they did well and what they need to improve on. By going over each call you have the opportunity to cover every aspect of improving their performance without skipping any details.

This can also work by recording the most experienced agents to lead by example. When a new staff member is able to see how an experienced member of staff deals with different situations that arise with patients, it can be used as a valuable source of training material.

Enrich the quality of your practice with call recording

Experience the domino effect in the benefits that are associated with recording calls. Improve the overall quality of your surgery through the data being generated from your patients which allows you and your team to make more informed decisions about the direction of your medical practice

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