Two-way SMS cuts costs and improves patient care at the Freeman Hospital

Freeman Hospital

Appointment Reminders

Freeman Hospital is part of the NHS Foundation Trust, offering services ranging from general surgery, hip and knee replacement, treating complex liver, pancreatic and kidney diseases, through to the latest developments in hearing restoration, and care for patients with sleeping disorders.

The Challenge

Freeman Hospital contacted X-on in 2007 to implement a service which would allow two-way SMS communication between consultants, nurses, patients and their carers.

Nurse Liaison Officers were spending too much time on the phone talking to patients and their carers for simple requests, such as blood test results or the cancellation of clinics, and phone calls were often duplicated taking up valuable staff time.

The Solution

X-on was able to provide Freeman Hospital with auditable Appointment Reminders. The service allows Freeman Hospital to send out SMS reminders, receive replies specific to the patient, and also have those replies easily shared amongst the consultants and nurses.

One SMS can reach many patients, saving nurses and patients valuable time, and has also reduced costs of communicating with patients in these areas by 93%*.

Freeman Hospital Says

"Highly convenient, time saving, and makes communication simple between hospital and patients and their families at home. Families respond to it readily as most people are very familiar with texting these days. I would highly recommend it to other health care professionals.

"We hope to be able to improve our communication, particularly with teenagers, by using this system."

Sister Julie Flett
Paediatric Cardiac Transplant Liaison Sister
Freeman Hospital
Newcastle upon Tyne

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