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March 2002: Mobile Phone Games

KeipoWorld Mobile Pets

Update: X-on no longer supplies mobile content sites.

We can now offer KeipoWorld Mobile Pets as an addition to your ringtones web site.


KeipoWorld resembles a medieval town with its thatched roofs, big trees and strange-looking towers. The town is surrounded by the great Forest of Mist whose inhabitants are rumored to be sorcerers. For all the medieval mysticism, the country of Keipos is technologically very advanced.

Keipos have different characteristics. Your Keipo will be born with certain traits, but you can help the way your Keipo develops. So if you don't want a lazy overweight Keipo - take it to the gym or disco dancing.

The Service:

Having selected a pet via a premium rate number, the subscriber controls all aspects of the pet's development via SMS commands.

Animated Screensavers:

If you haven't yet subscribed to our Animated Screensavers, now is the time as the number of orders we are processing is growing at a phenomenal rate - don't get left behind!

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