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September 2004: PhonePresence Call Introduction

Information about the Source of the Call

Call introduction is the way that PhonePresence lets you know information of the source of the call. In this context, the source can mean "the number the caller dialled" (if your PhonePresence system has more than one number connected) or can relate to the choices that the caller has made in one or more menus after having been answered by PhonePresence.

So, to take a typical example, a caller may have been asked "For sales, press 1; for support press 2 or for accounts, press 3". If a caller presses 1 for sales, the person answering the call can hear a brief message (sometimes called a 'whisper') saying "Sales Call" before the caller is connected.

The message that the caller hears can be recorded by you or it may have been recorded by the PhonePresence support team at the time your service was set up. It is a standard PhonePresence 'prompt' that has a four digit reference number which can be recorded over the phone or via the web Administration Interface.

The prompt number is entered on the Groups pages for the group to which the call is targetted. In the example above this is the Sales group. You would log in with an Administration password, click on Administration and Select Groups to find the relevant group. Double click on it and you will see the Call Introduction prompt field.

The Information Prompt can serve a number of functions. It can give you a moment to prepare yourself for the call so that you can answer in a friendly and alert manner. (If you want, you can record a longer prompt to give yourself more than a moment - to launch a PC application, or find a pen for example!).

If you are responsible for taking calls for a number of different departments, you can confirm that the caller has reached the correct department and give them confidence. You can even use this to allow PhonePresence to handle calls from different companies, on different phone numbers, but all delivered to the same place. The caller will not be aware that you are providing a shared facility.

If you are taking PhonePresence calls on a number that takes calls from elsewhere, for example a mobile or home number, you can identify business calls separately from personal calls.

A new feature allows you to reject calls during the Introduction Prompt. It may say "Support Call coming through - press 1 to accept or 2 to reject", for example. If you reject the call, the caller will remain in the queue for the department they selected, and will not be aware that there has been an attempt to transfer their call.

For more details on this or any other PhonePresence feature, please visit the PhonePresence Web Site or call 0333 332 0000.

PhonePresence Hints:

Best practices for making phone recordings:

The following hints may be useful when making recordings for use on the PhonePresence system:

  • Use the same voice throughout where possible, unless you want to signify that the caller has reached another department
  • Find someone with a good telephone voice with the right sort of image for your organization
  • Do not speak too fast
  • Try not to give too much information in a single recording. Where there is a lot you want to say, break it down if possible into a number of items accessed from a menu
  • When giving callers a menu of options to choose from, try to limit the number of options to 4
  • Say "For sales, press 1 (pause) for Accounts, press 2…"etc. rather than "Press 1 for sales…". Callers find it easier to pick up on the option they are seeking this way

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