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April 2007: Museums and Heritage Show - MobiTour

MobiTour Mobile Phone Audio Guide at M&H Show 9-10 May 2007

X-on will be exhibiting the MobiTour Mobile Phone Audio Guide at the Museums and Heritage Show 9-10 May 2007.

MobiTour Mobile Phone Audio Guide

MobiTour is an audio guide system for Heritage Sites, Museums, Zoos and Galleries by Mobile Phone. Visitors can be guided through the exhibits via a tour, on an ad hoc basis, or a combination of both.

Payment is by SMS, Credit Card or Voucher and provides an instant revenue stream for the venue without the costs associated with hardware purchase and maintenance.

The X-on Mobile Audio Guide can be accessed during a 2 day window, thereby enhancing the experience for visitors and students.

If you would like to discuss the concept or technology in more detail, please contact Sales on 0333 332 0000.