Chris Rooney is currently Human Resources Manager at X-on, a healthcare communications company based at the Technology Centre in Framlingham. Chris joined the team in January 2021 after working in the hospitality/retail sector for over 12 years.

Having moved to Ipswich from London, while continuing as HR lead for a large London Hotel, Chris eventually wanted to spend less time away from his Family and looked for a role locally. “The opportunity came up at X-on which was just what I was looking for. X-on is on an upward trajectory with a friendly, dynamic team – so I certainly feel I have made the right move.”


After a number of roles in ER and HR, Chris led an HR team at the InterContinental London – The O2, a luxury hotel overlooking Canary Wharf, and was keen to take on a new challenge: “Working in HR in hospitality was always very challenging (in a positive way) as the environment was always very fast-paced and changeable. In such settings you have to find solutions quickly to a range of people-related issues. I think this ability to think analytically will help me in the changing world of telecoms.”

Role at X-on

Chris has brought a fresh approach to HR at X-on, making a more direct connection with management and staff while working toward a communicative and collaborative inderdepartmental approach in sync with the company’s move to open plan premises at Riduna Park, Melton. “I always knew I liked working with people and enjoyed solving problems and it was this that drew me to HR. I like the thought of making a positive difference to a company and HR seemed like one way to make that difference.”

With the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program promoting staff returning to work at the new premises, Chris sees his role evolving aided by undertaking further relevant study and is “currently working through an HR qualification (CIPD Level 7 Advanced Certificate in Human Resources). This is a postgraduate course so it is quite challenging, but of course very beneficial. The last module I completed was on organisational development and design. This has been particularly relevant to my work at X-on as we are going through a period of growth and therefore focused on workforce planning. I feel very fortunate to be able to bring some of these academic concepts to life.”

Promoting various initiatives at X-on

“I enjoy working on initiatives that enable people to do their best work. Lately, I have been working with the management team on an employee development project which is very rewarding.

“X-on is growing and I see HR’s role as helping to ensure we have the right talent to reach our goals. This means developing our current team as well as attracting great people who want to be a part of our success.”

The Culture at X-on

“I believe culture is crucial. I would say that X-on definitely has a ‘high trust’ culture. There is no micromanagement here and the teams are given the space they need to do their jobs. This sense of trust is actually very empowering as I know I can freely express my ideas.”

Enjoying Suffolk

“I spent most of my time with my family. We love walking in the Suffolk countryside. As a born and raised Londoner I still find the open spaces a novelty and really appreciate the scenery. Other than that, I am a keen reader with an interest in history and sociology.”If you are interested in a role at X-on Cloud Communications please email your CV to: Staff Enquiry