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Call Recording for Compliance and Good Business Practice

Call Recording

Compliance, Security and Good Business Practice

Colne Valley

"The recording of calls in invaluable, as it helps to verify what a patient has actually said or asked for. We use this function a lot…"

Croydon Health

"X-on responded to our needs at the 11th hour during mobilisation… the service they have provided since go-live has been exceptional…"


"The key features that we find useful are the ability to call many foreign countries and have all the calls included in our monthly call bundles…"


"We can review and listen in on calls to see what went well and where things could be improved, helping to enhance the patient experience…"

Whether you are looking to improve customer service levels, resolve disputes or meet compliance requirements, reliable call recording is an essential for any business.

We design our Call Recording technology to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce through offering these essential core capabilities:

  • Fixed-line and mobile call recording
  • Recording on-demand or every call
  • Cloud hosting removes hardware costs
  • Encryption with optional private key
  • Data retention for up to 30 years
  • Live call monitoring option
  • Secure access to data through web portal with IP locking option

Fixed-line and Mobile Recording

We understand that you will not be at your desk every time you speak with a customer, which is why we offer both mobile and fixed-line call recording. As a result, crucial communications will not be missed regardless of where you make or receive a call.

Recorded calls allow your business to meet existing compliance requirements and resolve disputes with minimal impact on your staff. They will also make a valuable contribution to staff training and improve customer service across your organisation.

Data Protection

Calls are routed through our own ICO registered X-on network, recorded and stored by us on our servers in a highly secure environment, encrypted at rest and accessible only to authenticated users via secure sessions. Optional Public-Private Key Access can add an extra layer of authentication.

Our recording systems allow all or some call data to be recorded and retained for up to 30 years, if necessary, ensuring that your business adheres to rigorous compliance legislation. To avoid the capture of sensitive information recording can be suspended and resumed on command.


Once this data is securely stored it needs to be easily searchable for approved personnel. Inbound and outbound call recording can be easily managed by authenticated users through a web browser, giving staff have instant access to important information, when and where they need it.

Cost of Ownership

Call recording is hosted in the cloud, removing the burden of expensive hardware costs. By paying running costs per device, user or extension, cost of ownership is significantly reduced. This allows your business to serve customers to a higher standard without breaking the bank.

For further information on Call Recording please call Sales on 0333 332 0000.