Management Console provides control of call centre activity from any device

Management Console

Real Time Visibility, Trend Analysis, Control

Log in from Any PC, Tablet or Mobile

The X-on Management Console is the hub for day to day control and visibility of call centre activity. It runs from the browser, so Managers can log in to it from any device, anywhere.

Healthcare Contact Centre Supervisors or Managers can be given access rights to specific teams, or the whole of the X-on Contact Centre service.

Reporting - Trends and Resource Management

Reports on call traffic are displayed for historic data and updated to the minute in real time. The supervisor has the information to ensure that there are sufficient people available in the team to meet SLAs, handle queues or maintain customer satisfaction.

Trend reports average data over extended periods to identify peak times for predicting resource capacity.

Users who are not Managers are able to view a streamlined version of the Manager Console, so they can only access their own call recordings and voicemails.

They can also log in and out of different devices, such as their mobile when they leave the office.

Control - Take Action

Agents can be forced available or moved from outbound to inbound tasks as conditions change.

Agents can be be simply dragged into distribution groups and be available immediately to receive calls.

Providing Supervisors with agent control


Summary reports feedback on individual agent performance, team performance and queue handling performance.

A call-by-call audit gives you full details on every call answered or missed, including access to call recordings which can be played directly from the console.

Full search facilities mean that finding a specific call record is quick and painless.


"Since moving to X-on we have seen major improvements in reporting data, functionality and efficiency…"


"X-on designed and fully set up our telephone system quickly, and provided us with a feature rich solution with minimal outlay. We have found the sales and support to be excellent…"


"X-on have proved that they can deliver both a financially acceptable solution and also the quality and availability of service to an emergency service…"

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