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Email to SMS

Deliver Outbound SMS Easily

Our systems convert your email text into an SMS which is then delivered to the recipient's phone. Email to SMS allows easier SMS conversations from your Desktop or iPad using a standard qwerty keyboard.

Provide your clients, staff and friends an email address they can use to send you SMS while you are on the move.

E2S Mechanism

How to Send an SMS

Your email is addressed in the format <recipient's mobile number> and the email content is delivered as an SMS to the recipient's mobile.


How to Receive an SMS

You create an alias in your account and link it with a phone number, where the SMS will be delivered. Anyone, or any notification service, can then send an email to <your account alias> and you'll receive the message as an SMS on that phone.

Send an Email to a Group

You create a contact group in your account, Cuube will then deliver the content of your email as an SMS to each member of the contact group. Your email is addressed in the format <your account alias>&<contact group alias> and the email content is delivered as an SMS to each recipient's mobile.


  • Email acknowledgement that your message has been delivered to the network
  • Email confirmation of any errors preventing your message from being delivered to the recipient's network
  • Deliver an SMS using Email, and receive an SMS sent from an Email


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