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X-on uses it's own billing platform, which means we can pull together all your communications into a single bill

Costs and ROI

A Simple Monthly Payment

Surgery Connect is highly cost-effective, helping to reduce Did Not Attends and vastly improve patient satisfaction.

Along with free calls, it's much cheaper than a traditional phone system and can span from one to tens of linked, or federated, surgeries.

Additionally, clinical system integration reduces the time staff spent on patient calls.

We use our own billing platform, which means we can pull together all aspects of your communications into one single bill. That means one simple payment per month, and one company to deal with.

We supply you with a monthly statement, in an easy to read format, detailing all aspects of your service costs.

One of our practices clicked 5,330 inbound caller pop ups in October… We estimate this saves about 10 seconds every time… adds up to about 40 minutes saved per day…
Steven Braithwaite, Product Manager, X-on

We've found that the simple 'all-in-one' charge is instrumental for a busy practice.
Loni Booker, Practice Manager, James Wigg Practice

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