Surgery Connect provides GP practices with easy-to-use fax functionality so they can Axe the Fax in advance of NHS England's 2020 deadline


Fax Without the Machine

Surgery Connect X-fax provides GP practices with easy-to-use electronic fax functionality so they can Axe the Fax well in advance of NHS England's 2020 deadline, and still send and receive faxes over the internet.

Practices use an existing fax number, or are assigned a new number, and then send, view and receive faxes from within Surgery Connect user screens. Varying permission levels can be set, and all data is encrypted and stored at the highest levels of security.

How it Works

Receiving Faxes

When a fax is received, the X-fax processing system generates a PDF which is securely stored on our platform. Settings determine whether:

  • Faxes are converted into PDFs which are securely stored in our data centres
  • On receipt of a fax, a notification email is sent to specified staff members
  • Different fax numbers can alert unique groups of staff
  • Faxes are accessed through the Surgery Connect User Console
  • Faxes can only be accessed by authorised staff
  • Faxes can be previewed and printed via the User Console
  • Faxes can be downloaded onto a local PC

Sending Faxes

A window is available for authorised users within the Surgery Connect console. Once the relevant fax number is added, a PDF can be uploaded and sent.

The fax log will show the success/failure of this attempt to send, allowing the user to resend if needed.

Keeping Patient Data Safe

X-on hold multiple data security accreditations, so patient data is safe. PDF storage periods are determined by the user, with PDFs deleted according to practice retention policies.

To find out more about the X-fax option please call us on 0333 332 0000.