Surgery Connect creates a GP communications hub where inbound patient calls are handled by a centralised resource

GP Hubs

Consolidating Resources

In the drive for greater efficiency within the NHS, surgeries are looking to pool resources where possible. There is a role here for Surgery Connect in allowing the creation of a GP Communications Hub where inbound patient calls are handled by a centralised resource.

The power of Surgery Connect means this can be configured using a large variety of configurations, whether it be a dedicated group of agents servicing a number of surgeries, or designated staff configured into a hub, or larger surgeries taking the calls on behalf of smaller concerns.

In conjunction with the contact centre level call handling features of Surgery Connect, integrating with clinical systems, such as EMIS Web or SystmOne, provides immediate access to patient information, significantly reducing the time taken to process calls.


  • Balancing resources across the GP Hub.
  • Centralised number, or retain individual surgery numbers, or both.
  • Scalable, from small groups to centralised contact centres, handling calls across regions or federations.
  • Comprehensive Contact Centre call handling features.

Managing Bookings

The Surgery Connect Hub User Console displays appointment availability for each of the Hub surgeries.

With the patient identified via the clinical system, booking an appointment is simply a matter of selecting an available slot.

The appointment will then be loaded into the relevant surgery's clinical system, while confirming visually with the call handler.

Appointments can also be changed or cancelled.


Overflow and Cover

Overflow and Cover

Distributed Hub

Distributed Hub