Small Business Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  • Any setup fees payable in full prior to number allocation.
  • Monthly fees are invoiced on the first working day of the month and must be paid in full by the 7th day of the month for service to continue.
  • Transaction fees are invoiced for the previous month and must be paid in full by the 7th day of the month for service to continue.
  • We reserve the right to automatically disable your service if your credit limit is exceeded.
  • Acceptable payment methods are Direct Debit and approved credit card only. Cheques are not accepted.
  • Customers choosing to pay by credit card are responsible for ensuring that valid credit card details are available at X-on prior to fees being due in each month.
  • Minimum Term applies as defined in your Sales Order Confirmation.
  • 30 days notice is required from the client to suspend the service. Suspension must be requested in writing and is only applicable once the minimum term has passed.
  • Cancellation of the service will incur a fee of 75% of the balance of the agreed rental for the duration of the contract.
  • Bundled Minutes can only be downgraded once the minimum contract term has passed. In order to decrease a bundle a one month notice period must be given prior to the downgrade and the bundle may only be reduced by one price point per month. A £10.00 administration cost applies.
  • VAT Applies to all prices at current rates.
  • X-on may apply changes (increases or decreases) to transaction fees and monthly fees in response to changes from the network operator. A 30 day notice period will apply.
  • The customer must maintain a valid email address through the administration site in order to receive updates and electronic invoices.
  • All invoices will be sent automatically in electronic format and no paper copies will be sent.
  • Call minutes are billed in per second increments with no minimum call or set up charges.
  • X-on reserves the right to cease services without notice if it has grounds to believe that they are being used for fraudulent or illegal purposes.
  • Any bulk SMS sent must comply with the requirements of current marketing regulations, including but not limited to, those of the Wireless Marketing Association.
  • Voice services are allocated a maximum of 30 concurrent calls per number without prior arrangement.
  • No service level guarantees are made on calls made from or delivered to VOIP handsets or softphones.
  • Customers requiring technical support for connectivity and/or hardware (phones, routers etc) which is not purchased through X-on may be charged a support fee of £50 per hour. Hardware and connectivity purchased through X-on will include configuration and ongoing support.
  • X-on undertake to provide availability of non-VOIP based inbound numbers and outbound dial services of 99%. Should X-on fail to provide this availability in any given month, a refund of that months rental (excluding transaction costs and bundle charges) will be made. This is the limit of X-on’s liability for loss of service.
  • X-on make no guarantees for suitability of third party telecommunications devices and services for use with these services, other than those which are specifically recommended, for example VOIP softphones.
  • For customers with services that include recording the calls, there is a potential for the recording to contain personal identifying data or sensitive personal data so under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR Terms and Conditions), consent to record calls must be gained by the customer from all parties before either continuing with the call or suspending recording by pressing an appropriate key on their handset. Customers with services that record the calls must not record the full credit card details. For example, customers must instruct their agents to suspend recording during the period of the call during which credit card details are being taken by pressing an appropriate key on their handset.
  • The published list of Call Destinations is not definitive and can change. We reserve the right to add and remove destinations without notice.
  • Please note that where X-on provide a toll free number (0800), 2 minutes are deducted from the customer's Bundled Minutes for every minute used when receiving calls on In Bundle Destinations. This is because a call received on a toll free number and transferred to a landline/mobile is counted as two simultaneous calls.
  • PhonepayPlus have regulated that services using an 0871 number must inform callers of the tariff where the number is advertised.