Staff Profile - Natan Haskic

Staff Profile

Natan Haskic

Natan Haskic

Natan Haskic joined X-on in 2016 as a Junior Accounts Assistant, having submitted his CV for an an apprenticeship opportunity posted by X-on on the UK Government's Find An Apprenticeship web site, and having impressed our CFO with his enthusiasm and background during the interview process.

On the Job Learning

Natan's A levels included Accountancy, featuring real world modules, which stimulated his interest in becoming an Accountant. Once started with X-on Natan embarked on an AAT Level 3 apprenticeship course, with X-on providing study leave on one day every week, along with time off for exams: "X-on is very generous, giving me days off for exams, lessons. It's been fantastic."

The next stage is the AAT Level 4 course which Natan starts in February 2018. A more intense course, X-on will provide an even more flexible work time schedule to enable attendance at the required courses, lectures and exams. Level 4 studies will include the production of financial statements for limited companies, and management accounting incorporating decisions and controls based on analysis such as costs and revenues, underpinning company improvements. Also business administration, plus audits and budgeting.

X-on has encouraged Natan to pursue these higher levels of training as an investment, and we look forward to Natan utilising his new skills within the Accounts department.

Role at X-on

"All the skills I learned in my courses are easily tracked"… Natan currently handles book keeping requirements, including purchase ledger, payment of invoices, sales invoicing, company expenses, "as well day to day activities, my courses really taught me just the right approach. I like that you gain more experience through hands-on."

X-on employs a dedicated billing solution built on the Porta One PortaBilling platform, which is designed for telecommunication service providers to manage end-to-end telecom service networks, integrating with all aspects of X-on's pricing and billing. Natan has gained useful experience in utilising this tailored platform, providing our developers with useful feedback, while also engaging with the more ubiquitous Sage accounting system.

Natan's ongoing plans include working toward his ACA qualification.

Natan enjoys the atmosphere at X-on: "Very nice. Everyone's friendly, talkative. I think the good thing about X-on, as well, is it's a medium size company, so you're really recognised for your work contributions, whereas in a large company, I don't think you have that same feeling."

Out-of-hours Natan is extending his interest in finance to the cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin and Ripple: "Ripple is designed to reduce the cost of sending money across international accounts, funds will go from one bank to another almost instantaneously without any transaction fees."

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